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"everything's making a big casserole"

Welcome to the Big Casserole Records Catalog, limited as it may be. All of our releases are on cassette. In this way, we are able to offer low quality recordings at an affordable price. Also, we can get our supplies at the drug store.


Item                      Price    
Cassette                3.00      
Double cassette    5.00      


  Big Casserole Records, home of:

· The Feebs
· Library Myth
· The Throats
· Sleeping Brothers
· The Frustrations
· Pizazz
· The Witner Twins

           and, of course,

· The Martyrs

What was life like BC*?  You don’t want to know … .

(*before casserole)

 f e a t u r e d
 r e l e a s e s

v a r i o u s --- the triple EP Sexy Senior Citizens

featuring The Throats' Coda, the follow-up to their swan song; Pizazz, with Snow Day, their mini-masterpiece recorded on a winter's day when their office was closed due to inclement weather; and The Feebs, who present the suburban gothic Nothing New, a tremendous offering of musical literature.
It's what recording on a four-track is all about! bcr 025.

the feebs  ---  someone x-tra special

· Once again, The Feebs deliver their peculiar blend of sadness versus sass, and you’re invited to sing along.

Features superhits Ask Anyone, Hate For Henchmen, and Someone Xtra Special!

Advance praise for Someone X-tra Special:
¨ "A revelation!" (Jen Mackey, The Frustrations)
¨ "A delight!" (Mike O’Shaughnessy, Pizazz)
¨ "Tremenderous!" (Chris DalCeredo, Library Myth)
¨ "For a little fella, he sure can belt!"  (Paul Saur, the Martyrs)

 t h e   g o o d s

Following are all music titles available from big casserole, listed alphabetically by band.  Finding our incredible roster daunting?  Try a compilation (listed under Various) instead.  Happy listening!

The Feebs

 Someone X-tra Special (NEW!)---See our Featured New Release section. (bcr 010)

 My Gentle Life (1997)---Spooking My Own Horse, And Just    Because, I Made This (bcr 009)

 My Body, My Enemy (1996)---Firecrackers, Baby Luck, The Bravest Man on Earth (bcr 008)

 Little Ease (1995)---Grimace, Squirrels & Girls, I Know How to Use a Gun (bcr 007)

The Frustrations

 Make Yourself at Home with…(1997)---Fresh New Atmosphere, Following Three, Wrong Guy

Library Myth

 Pure Love (1998)---Nothing Is That Serious, Please Assure Us Love is Never Ending, Julia’s Sing Along
 The Longest Shake (1997)---Anhedonia, London, England, Baby Belly
 Capo IV (1997)---Turkey Joe, Intermission, Bad Pains
 There’s a Freak in My Boot (1996)---I Want What I Want, Voices, Past Tense
 Amen I Say to You (1995)---Let Them Worry Instead, Party Pooper, Waiting Room
 Remnants of Yesterday (1995)---How I Feel About You, Little Chinese Boy, Precision Decision

The Martyrs

 Yesterday’s Garbage: The Story of the Martyrs (COMING SOON!)---Sycamore Tree, Smother Me, But Until Then, Moving Day
 Corner Room (1998)---Lonely B-Sides, Charming Mutt, Wonderful Fall, Optimistic Cloud
 Baby Needs a New Guitar (1997)---Big Smile, Fear of Dreaming, People Disappear Every Day


 St. Donny (NEW!)---Mystery of the Two Legends/All American Dads, Pretzel Man, Pale
 Francis (1998)---Fudgetown, Buttercup (for Paul), I Didn’t Win
 Stepper (1996)---That’s Not Good for Your Health, Out of Your Hands, Math 9
 I’d Like to See My Friends on the Outside, But I Hate to Leave My Friends on the Inside (1995)---Judas Thing, Brazen Moves, Rock and Roll Hat

Sleeping Brothers

 Knew You Wouldn’t Leave Me Hanging  (1997)---Smells Like Dog Heaven, Buckin’, New Friends

The Throats

 I’ll Show Myself Out (1997)---Alana, Here I Go Again, I Know I’ll Be Dead
 The Independent Hand  (1997)---Constellation, Little Divorces, Old Tale
 First Bats (1996)---Kitty, Ruth, Pants of Youth
 Recorder (1995)---Becomes, Ready, Take the Pale


 See "Featured Releases" for more information on the triple-EP featuring some of Big Casserole’s biggest stars!
 Thank You For Time - The Big Casserole Sampler! (1999) Features ALL of Big Casserole's biggest stars!
The Witner Twins


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"everything’s making a big casserole"