Jim Santo’s Review of the Feebs’ Demos

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(Jim Santo is the best thing to happen to music since the semi-affordable 4-Track. His brilliant site “Demo Universe” reviews cassette submissions from anyone who isn’t anyone. It’s a terrific read and the best outlet for all B&B musicians. That’s “bedroom and basement.” I’ve coined that rather unfortunate phrase just now. But enough about me. Here’re the opinions of Jim Santo. Enjoy.)


The Feebs
A Taste of The Feebs

Date received: 6/13/98

A crappy old 4-track basement recording doesn't do justice to Jim O'Shaughnessy's pretty, melancholy indie-rock. No great strides musically, and Jim could stand to sing out more (don't hide your light under a bushel, friend), but more than a few tunes are truly touching, like "Buttercup (for Paul)," "Wonderful Fall" and my fave, "Spooking My Own Horse." There's a spark of something special here, and I hope Jim finds some way to fan the flame.

The Feebs
Someone X-tra Special

Date received: 12/5/98

Jim O'Shaughnessy makes real strides on the follow-up to The Feebs' eponymous 1998 debut. Immersing himself in the Beach Boys, Built To Spill, Townes Van Zandt, "and always the Replacements," Jim adorns his wistful indie-rock with sweet harmony, enriching what are already strong songs. The approach is most effective in the touchingly fatalistic "Tomorrow Is Another Day To Fuck Up Another Way." The Feebs still win no prizes for production (although he jokes that his 4-track recorder "has been updated from crappy to shitty."), but if you don't mind getting your ears dirty, you'll surely find some treasure in Jim's basement.


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