the throats:

first bats


1.                 pants of youth

2.                 meet nick fury

3.                 from a younger age

4.                 no

5.                 moody puzzle

6.                 phone song

7.                 sensitive young adult

8.                 song from M*A*S*H

9.                 cigar tube rings

10.         I got a name

11.         the delicate art of falling apart

12.         not so

13.         travel

14.         got my mail today

15.         the deeds of my father

16.         since the 70s

17.         ruth

18.         toy

19.         kitty

20.         bat trapper

21.         I surrender


all songs written [except #8 and #10), performed, recorded, produced and mastered by mike o’shaughnessy

Recorded 1995 in The Carolina Room, NC, Little Ease Studios, NY, and the Albany Album Apts, NY.


first bats, the second, or “sophomore” effort, finds the Throats less wise and more fool. A song about Nick Fury? Ruth, Not So, and Got My Mail Today would quickly become classics around the house. Here he also begins his habit of covering Jim Croce songs. The Throats’ trademark harmonies come to fruition in this collection. The Feebs contributes rhythm guitar to Pants of Youth.


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