the throats:



1.           ready

2.           a handful of bumblebees

3.           in knots

4.           gone out

5.           take the pale

6.           unwrapped

7.           just as well

8.           my other

9.           racehorse

10.her own

11.cruel fates


13.this almighty din


15.wink and whisper

16.the bizarre all-female species


18.talented boy

19.lost world

20.inspiration and destruction

21.hooks and books



all songs written, performed, recorded, produced and mastered by mike o’shaughnessy

Recorded 1994-1995 in The Carolina Room, NC



recorder is the first Throats album, lovingly preserved on cassette tape. Mike employs what would quickly become his standard instrument set-up: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ, tin can percussion, and other noise-making devices. There was no bass. He also sped up and slowed down the 4-track often. Oh, and put the volume way up and sang from a distance. It was obviously recorded in the house he was living in. Special thanks to Gallo wine, Food Lion cookies and a lot of free time.


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