Big Casserole's Local News Report

02/24/01: KING CASSETTE ABDICATES: "Traitor!" howls Boy Pizazz. He'll get over it. Big Casserole Records is in the lengthy amateurish process of transfer its library to compact disc in an effort to "get with it." Hey, cassette's great, but we've outgrown each other. We love it, but we're not IN love with it. Plus, all that reminding and fast forwarding is a drag. So, anyway, CDs and MP3s are on the way. In addition, the whole site is getting revamped. Yes, more vamping.

01/22/01: A FEEBLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Soon I will unleash "I'm a genius, too" on you all. Minds WILL be blown. Expectations WILL be surpassed. Gasps will last. Hey children, what's that sound?" - the feeb. We’re all very excited.  “Very,” inserts Boy Pizazz.

12/30/00: “Long time, no care!” mewls Boy Pizazz. That’s true. But here we are. The return of Big Casserole. Or should I say “” Now we’re easier to find than an invisible cupcake in a sandstorm. And what’s more is Pizazz has begun recording their 5 or 6th new album. A new studio (Musaphone) and a digital 8-track means a new sound. Well, it’s the same sound but you can REALLY hear the mistakes much clearer now. No word yet on a title or theme, but you can expect the very best from this 21st century outfit. Hey, that’s a good title.

8/14/00: “And where were you?” hollers Boy Pizazz. None of your dirty business. But here we are. What does it matter? It’s not like we’re a real record label or something. New developments? Yeah. A few. New Music? Nah. A couple of scattered singles that need unscattering, but otherwise. There is a new band in our midst however. Same Pants Every Day, affectionately known as SPED. There high-falutin website can be found here.

10/18/99: Sure been a while since the last news update. There's a reason for that. Anyways, here's some new news: Jim Santo has reviewed the recent Throats e.p. CODA at Demo Universe. Looks like thumbs up once again! Visit his newly-updated and tremenderous site! Also, speaking of The Throats, as so many of us often do, they recently released their knew album Navigator, a loose collection of seemingly related songs. Read Chris O'Derec's thorough review on The Throats homepage! Whoo-hoo!

8/6/99.2: A number of tracks from Pizazz's recent recording sessions have become presently, and possible permanently unattainable. These songs, collaborations with Paul Saur of The Martyrs, were rumored to be their most brilliant (no mean feat). The album has been temporarily put on hold, mostly due to laziness, but three songs still remain from other sessions. Cries Boy Pizazz, "I'll do it! I swear I'll do it!!" Afterwhich, the midol was pried from his determined little fingers.

8/6/99: The Throats are ankle deep into their new album A minor songwriter. Having just returned from Portland, he is "hot with the vibe" of that town. Says Boy Pizazz, "Maybe it's just malaria." Check in for the results.

7/9/99.2: The Feebs have a new website. Run by The Feebs himself. (Well, he did. - ed.)

7/9/99: NEWS FOR YOU. Pizazz last night began recording their new album Slof. Boy Pizazz claims, "It's their "Smiley Smile!" Stay tuned.

5/19/99: Big Casserole announces the formation of little ease records. BCR's new sublabel will represent the instrumental/experimental/noise releases concocted by Big Casserole related artists.

3/22/99: Once again, Jim Santo of Demo Universe has written a glowing review for the tremenderous band, The Feebs. This one's for The Feebs' new album Someone X-tra Special. Boy Pizazz says, "Brrrrreeeeeeeeettt!" That's right, Boy. We couldn't agree more. Make sure to read the review. Feebs is the word!

2/26/99: HEY HEY! Hard to get your hands on! That's what they're saying about the new Big Casserole Sampler Thank You For Time! Who are they? "Yeah," chimes in Boy Pizazz, "who are they?" Well, I don't know. But we've already shipped out 3 copies of it and we only made 5 of them, so you can understand why they'd say a thing like that.
And The Frustrations are hard at work on their follow-up masterpiece. They're talking about it ALL the time now! Stay tuned! (Don't expect it until the millenium.) Lenny Smunk suggests "Their debut might have been their swan song." He's a bitter little fellow sometimes.

2/14/99: UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: The news has been updated. Due to popular demand (in a population of one) Big Casserole announces release of triple e.p. Sexy Senior Citizen containing a Throats e.p., a Pizazz e.p., and a Feebs e.p.. Notes Boy Pizazz, "It's three times the fun! Like a Kit Kat dipped in peanut butter!"
Also notable is the newy goodness of Thank You For Time, the Big Casserole Sampler. Out now! Boy Pizazz could not be reached for comment.

11/20: The Feebs new album was released to great acclaim! Norwegians express interest.

11/6: Lenny Smunk today announced the completion of the long-awaited new Feebs album Someone Xtra Special. This ambitious set is said to be "eclectic", "obtuse", "grand-in-scope", and, of course, tremenderous. Boy Pizazz says,"It left me feeling outageously happy!"

9/24: A letter in response to the recent resignation of Martyr Jim: "I recently read about the disgusting treatment of one Martyr Jim and his subsequent quitting of the band. As a musician who has seen the blood sweat and tears (mostly blood) of the martyrs sessions first hand let me say to Martyr Jim that I will personally represent him in his lawsuit against Pa...........I mean the Martyrs. And allow me to officially submit my decree of quitting the band as well. The filth and decay of those rotting tapes will not go unscathed. I quit too. They suck anyway. I cannot as a poet work in such a back stabbing , drumstick throwing environment." That was from Martyr Chris. Martyr Jim, however, had retracted his resignation, unbeknownst to Martyr Chris, and the rest of rockdom, for that matter. Welcome back, Jim. So long, Chris.

9/16: Big Casserole Records received this message this afternoon: "to whom it may concern, I am announcing my resignation from the Martyrs. I have not told the other members of the band yet, and i have no intention of it. Relations between myself and certain members of the band have become impossible to work through. This is not about creative differences. I think the other martyrs are some of the best songwriters of this generation (well, at least the ones that actually play instruments), but i don't see a reason to remain in a position that is both uncomfortable and bothersome. I also feel i have been deprived of many songwriting credits. I wrote main sections of many Martyr hits that i was never compensated for. This however is a matter for the lawyers. To the fans I apologize, but i feel this is a long time coming. Thank you. Love and Mercy, jim." The Martyrs could not be reached for comment.

9/11: He might hate squirrels, but we love him! Read The Feebs review at Demo Universe. Boy Pizazz bellows "It's Wonderful!" He's right! Good job, Jimmy!

8/27: "Byte this" says Boy Pizazz. Utilizing today's most advanced technology, two members of Pizazz unveiled Pizazz Mach 2, a completely digital process of songwriting. The music emerges from Pizazz Mach 2 and merges with the information highway. Like a whisper, it is here and gone, it is "of the breezes" as they say in London, England, home of magistrates. All songs are under 30 seconds due to the ever-increasing multiplex of technovoodoological hokey-poke.

8/17: READY FOR RELEASE! Mmmmyeaahhhh! Boy Pizazz declares St. Donny to be awesome! From the soulful groove of "Pretzel Man" to the haunting strength of "Love Beach At Night", Pizazz once again takes its place where its place as such will be. Amen.

8/7: Pizazz has at long last finished recording St. Donny, the follow-up to this Spring's Francis. Although it was expected to be a double album, Pizazz opted for a solid 60 minutes rather than what would inevitably have become a torturous two hours, the good separated by long stretches of, in all likelihood, unlistenable instrumentals. "Even a train comes to a stop," howled Boy Pizazz at the proposed opus. Pizazz are at present experimenting with new advances in packaging and expect to release the album within the month.

7/30: Have The Martyrs disbanded? "Not true!" shrieks Boy Pizazz. Rumor is that their charismatic lead singer has relocated to the West Coast in order to pacify their growing Oregonian fan base. "They're very big in Corvallis", bellows Boy Pizazz, adding, "Alis volat Propriis!"

7/29: Rumors abound concerning the scrapping of the proposed Pizazz double album. Not so. "Filthy lies", screams Boy Pizazz. According to our sources, he's right. The opus St.Donny is proceeding along at a brilliantly productive pace. An inside spokesperson calls it "Ziggy Stardust Goes to Nashville" but word has also leaked out as to its "disco-savvy-ness".