The Feebs Album Review

Someone X-Tra Special

In a world of uncertainty, one thing is certain: There will always be cows.  And from these cows comes beef.  "Beef", of course, spelled backwards is "Feeb" and with this latest relief, the Feebs have shown us, the musically hungry, that a little "X-tra" is all we need to be certain.

Side one leads off with "Ask Anyone", a fantastic choice to begin the musical journey.  The lyrics are great and the background harmonies are a welcomed sound.  On "I've Been There Too", we hear a riveting Beach Boyish keyboard to go along with the high range vocals and harmony.  The lyrics are craftsmanship and that last verse about "clocks" was fab!  Listen for the minor chords on the word "Too". "Hate for Henchmen" leaves us with a fantastic drum beat, electric guitar entry and lovable bridge..."situation got worse…grammar got better."   What a line!!  "Tomorrow is......" blends brilliant harmonies cast against the shadow of the sweet soft melodic guitar....'nuff said.  As for this next track............................well, the mystical melodies are creative. A true 90s version of one of the beloved songs of the 60s.  God only knows what Brian Wilson thinks of this cover.  Think of it as Yoko Ono meets the Beach Boys in a dark alley with the Feebs as referee.   In Mistake No.1 the Feebs really rock the joint with an upbeat number, filled with great background vocals.

Side Two begins amongst the funky organ and fuzzy drum beat of "I'm Afraid of Life" with a great vocal performance and truly appropriate and well included screams.  On "Any Other Day" we hear the fabulous haunting guitar lick and an echoed rhythm section.  This splendid ballad offers excellent vocals on the line "Thank God I Found U".  The wonderful lyrics on "Halloween Every Day" incorporate a great use of "trick or treat" and "I wear my smile like..." leading to the halloween refrain.  The bridge is neat and the drumming X-traordinary!  "Hamster Exhibit" shares some fab vocals/harmonies again reminiscent of the Beach Boys with a 1950s guitar lick.  On "Make Me Dance" we hear an effective use of guitar licks with fantabulous use of the minor chord.  These expressive  vocals can "feel the vibes".    Oh, the "Soot Faced White Man" has great overlapping vocals and mint harmonies with an outrageous use of the organ drums.  Finally, “hard love” best describes the album's closing "Someone X-tra Special."  A rockin' love song for the ages with awesome "ooooooooo" backing vocals!

Thank You Feebs for you have made the music world spin a little faster!             

Oderec Lad, 1998, NY

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