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What is the Library Myth?

Here it is: Library Myth is the most tremendous duo of Chris and Pauline. These two crazy kids got married and since then (and even before) they have been crafting the freshest, sweetest, funniest pop songs to ever float out of a 4-track. If the fifth Beatle had been Joe Raposo, they might’ve reminded you of Library Myth.

MYTH OF THE RANGE, the new album from Library Myth is here! Read the liner notes!

And the reviews are already pouring in! Says Jen of The Frustrations: “Bravo! From the rockin' "Richard Cephal," to the beautifully recreated "Powder Coat Winter," to the lush beauty of "Always You", to the mystical warblings of the Range Riders, this album is a masterpiece. Sure to be on many "Best of 2000" lists.

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