The culture of THE THROATS

“He’s an edgy James Taylor.” – the feebs

This is the true tale of  The Throats.



The Throats (or T'roats) inhabit a world that is neither fact nor fiction. It's faction (not to be confused with satis-faction; no, nothing like that at all). Or you could say "fict." You could say it until you're blue in the face. What the hell do I care?

What are, or is (it's only one fella), the Throats (or T'roats) singing about? It's like looking out your window, if it's a dirty window, and if your window looks out on a pasture of cuckoo clocks.

Actually, it's just straight-forward songwriting: simple words, simpler chords, and the simplest look on his face, like he's (I'm) looking at a plate of orange jello, just a'shakin' and a'shimmerin' away on a blue plate, a blue plate on a spring green morning. And what a morning it was!

There's a lot of acoustic guitar on these tracks and quite a few harmonies, if you like that sort of thing. Do you? Do you like that sort of thing?

Mike spends his time away from the Martyrs recording under the name The Throats (or T'roats). He's also a member of 90s supertrio Pizazz and their side project, Pizazz Mach 2.

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