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The Feebs Is Good

For Your Health!




What is a Feeb? Do you know? How about The Feebs? Surely you've heard of them! They're swell! And fun! Where're they from? Under their bed. Way in the back. Against the wall. Fidgety and disheveled. That's what I've heard. And what's that sound? A cry? Feedback, prolly. The natives call him He Who Spooks His Own Horse. The locals call him from a distance. The Feebs call themselves "THE GREATEST SONGWRITER IN THE WORLD" (sic).

The Feebs founded Little Ease Studios. They founded it right in the basement. With a four-track and a Mica-sonic drum kit. Mysterious faces stare out at you from the panelling -- is that Ronald Reagan?

The Feebs are: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and singin'! The Feebs don't really care if you like it. Really.


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